This transformative book gives you a whole new perspective on relationships: that the challenges are what evolve us, and we choose our partners, co-workers, and friends in order to learn the best skills for life before the mast of becoming our best selves. Imagine having a well-thumbed relationship manual at your side to stay on the Relation-Ship so you can: keep from running aground; or when you do, know how to get going again, and then easily move through the storms of conflict; face your partner’s (and your own) inner sea monsters. Filled with practical information based on research, as well as Dr. Colwell’s decades-long work with couples and individuals, The Relationship Ride provides an interesting and even fun way to sail along through the complexities and challenges of intimacy. Filled with examples, exercises, and hands-on experiences, The Relationship Ride will prove to be your most invaluable guide for the ride of connection.


Perfect Bound: 259 pages
ISBN: 9780578491523
Published: Integrity Arts Press, April, 2011